Artist Statement

I love the feel of clay, its weight and strength. Taking a lump of clay from mud consistency to a  durable, fired stoneware work of art is very satisfying. Enhancing my work with designs that reflect my respect for the world around me is essential.

It is important to me that my pottery reflects the shapes and textures of the natural world and highlights the natural organic qualities of the clay and glazes. I love the effect that weaving and combining other natural materials creates in my pieces. My depictions of flora and fauna are a reminder of their importance to the beauty and environmental balance in our world. 

Inspiration comes to me from living in Gloucester. My studio is on Brace Cove and I have the good fortune to be surrounded by beautiful shades of blue, green, gray and brown and varied textures of granite, stone, sand and bark that our scenic coast has to offer. These images and atmosphere are both stimulating and at the same time can be very calming.

I work mostly in thrown, functional ware and love that the clay surface becomes my blank canvas to carve, impress and paint with natural colors. Carving images and texture into my pottery creates a surface that the glaze enhances and a tactile quality that one enjoys when holding one of my pieces, especially one of my mugs. 


Another means of inspiration for me has come from travel. Over the years I have traveled around our country and the world and learned about different cultures and how history and geography shaped their art. Pottery is created by all cultures and I was always happy to support the local artisans and also bring home something to represent where I’d been. Now that I am a potter these artifacts often remind me of patterns, shapes and colors that I loved from those journeys and sometimes I incorporate them in my work.