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I have a BA in Art Education and an MFA with a concentration in weaving. I'm always trying to improve my knowledge and teaching of art and have taken many art classes and courses in the US and abroad, particularly France and Italy.


During my teaching career I worked with students from K-12 and introduced them to a broad spectrum of techniques and styles of art and curated many large scale, town wide student exhibitions. Besides teaching art in public schools in Westfield, NJ and Tewksbury, MA, I was Art Director for Creative Arts, a private, nonprofit art and music school in Reading, MA. I conceived and directed student experiential workshops incorporating all of the arts.

I spend my time on Cape Ann in my Brace Cove studio on Eastern Point and I am a member of the Ceramic League of Miami, FL. Both locations provide the natural, coastal and wildlife inspiration found in my pottery. I am a Rocky Neck Art Colony member and have exhibited at the Cultural Center and with Gallery 53 on Rocky Neck.  I am also a member of ICAN, the International Ceramic Artists Network.


I look forward to continuing my craft and becoming more immersed in my communities in both Gloucester and Miami.

Wax resisting

Pottery is the craft I choose to pursue; it enables me to combine my experience and talent with the challenge of mastering the pottery wheel. The tactile quality of the clay provides a vehicle for my love of textures, patterns and design.